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How much does a Destination Wedding Planner Cost?

Do I need a Destination Wedding Planner? This is one of the main questions you have when you decide to travel and have your wedding abroad. But most important is how much you would expect to pay for this service.

Charges may vary from a full rate for the entire planning and coordination of the wedding, a day of coordination, hourly rate to handle some wedding service or a consultation fee for your planning process. Prices will depend on wedding location, the wedding planner and range from $600-$900 for an elopement, $1,200-$4,500 for full service planner, $600-$1,000 for the day of coordination, $100-$200 for hourly rate, to $300-$500 for flat fee consultation.

In general, the cost for this service in Costa Rica is a flat fee for your event and this fee will depend on location, logistics, number of guests and services requested. This turns to be the best option when you are planning a wedding abroad., It is also the best option when you need to select local vendors, and enables you to have someone reliable available locally to negotiate prices and recommend options that work for your budget.

Many couples think that a wedding planner is a big expense in their budgets but at the end it will be the best investment to save time, have the best day of your life organized efficiently and have no worries, and finally and not less important save money with the guidance of a local planner.

When you think on hiring a destination wedding planner in Costa Rica look for a local company or planner who has the knowledge and experience in the area you will have your event.