Gretchen Bleiler & Chris Hotell, June 2010

Gretchen Bleiler & Chris Hotell, June 2010

Hello our most wonderful wedding planner!

Our time on our honeymoon gave us a lot of time to reflect on everything and we both have just the warmest feelings when we think about our week long celebration in Dominical.

I was never the little girl that dreamed of having a fairy tale wedding but it’s exactly what I got and I could not be any happier about it! Having our wedding in Costa Rica was a shock for a lot of family members and when we first made our decision, I had my doubts too.

Growing up in Aspen, I always imagined that’s where I would get married, but Costa Rica was magic and it was the perfect place (in large part because of you and all of your passion and never ending determination) for Chris and I to start our lives together.

Aspen is my hometown but Costa Rica is a place where Chris and I want to spend time together down the road, so then the ceremony on the beach foreshadows what will be!

Ana we cannot ever thank you enough for giving us one of the best weeks of our lives and memories that we will think about forever.

Ana,words cannot express how grateful Chris and I are for all of the love, time and determination you put into our PERFECT Wedding.

Much Love