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Orchids for my Costa Rica Weddings

The most popular flower for weddings in Costa Rica is the orchid. This beautiful exotic flower can be one of the best personal and unique touches for your wedding. It is used in general for bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.

The meaning of orchids is love, beauty, fertility, charm, thoughtfulness and refinement.

Costa Rica has over 1300 species of orchids but not all of them are in the flower market. The most common orchids for wedding bouquets and decorations are Dendobrium, Cymbidium, Ibidium, Phalaenpsis, Ocydium and Catleya.

This is an expensive flower for your wedding budget because most of these flowers are bought in plants and the florist cuts the flowers to be used in wedding floral arrangements. The only varieties you can buy as cut flowers are Dendrobium and Ocydium. Also, some varieties do not flower year round and availability must be confirmed before orders are placed.

We love orchids and think they are one of the best touches for your Costa Rica Wedding!