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How to personalize your Destination Wedding

How do you introduce personal touches in your wedding ? Details that reflect the style of the bride and groom?

Just think on what parts of your life you would like to share with your family and close friends. Ask yourself questions such as “How do we make our wedding feel like us?”   “How can we make this event unique?” and “ How can we make our guests completely comfortable?”

There are many unique ideas to incorporate on your wedding event. Name the tables based on your wedding destination, incorporate the local culture through welcome baskets or special details on the tables, and use the music you love from your first date together for the cocktail hour or first dance. Make the guest book with a fingerprint tree and use items with a local flavor for wedding favors.

Let a professional wedding planner guide you with ideas to give your personal touch and make this day not only special for the two of you but also for your guests to remember the wonderful celebration of your love and to know a bit more about the two of you as a couple.